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In the early years of the church, Forster & Andrews provided a small second-hand instrument of just four stops. The current instrument was installed in 1920 by Philip Self of the Hull firm, Forster & Andrews at a cost of £960.  It was restored in the 1950's by R. H. Walker and then again by Andrew Carter between 2008 and 2010.  The organ, situated in the loft above and to the right of the choir has two manuals (CC-G, 56 notes) and Pedals (CCC-F, 30 notes)

GREAT                                                         SWELL                                                      PEDAL

Open Diapsaon 8                                       Rohrflute                    8                           Bourdon      16

Clarabella          8                                       Viol di Gamba            8                           Bass flute     8

Principal            4                                       Voix Celeste (T.C.)     8                           Great to Pedal

Dulcet                 4                                      Principal                      4                           Swell to Pedal

Fifteenth            2                                      Closed Horn                8

Mixture             III ranks                          Tremulant

Swell to Great                                           Octave coupler

Two toe combination pedals                 Two toe combination pedals

In 1921, the choir was that of twenty boys, twenty ladies and eleven men!

The original organist of the church was Mr George Shelly

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