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The History of St Augustine's Church

The Parish Church of St Augustine of Hippo, Grimsby came into being on 14 May 1912,  formed by taking 85 acres from the Parish of St Mary & St JamesGrimsby and 255 acres from the Parish of the Holy Trinity and St Mary, Old Clee.


As part of the land of the Parish had belonged to the Augustinian  Canons of Wellow Abbey, it was appropriate that it should be placed under the patronage of St Augustine of Hippo. The new church had been dedicated in November 1911 but was consecrated on 28 March 1912. The Vicar of Grimsby is the patron of the living and Canon A.A. Markham appointed Fr Frank Bloomer the first vicar of the new parish. He came to Grimsby from Barton upon Humber and remained here until his death in 1938. His cremated remains are interred in the Lady Chapel. During his incumbency, nine priests served as assistant curates.


St Augustine's was designed by Sir Charles Nicholson. The Rev.d Henry Thorold describes the fine interior with its numerous altars, statues and lamps as "the kind of church that compels people to their knees".

From its inception, the style and ethos reflect the Anglican Catholic tradition. The exterior of the church is also pleasing to the eye, formerly covered with Virginia Creeper covering its walls and a well-kept and imaginative garden surrounding it. The north aisle, also to a design by Nicholson, was added in 1935. The church has been designated a Grade II listed building.

In the southeast corner of the church you will find St. Augustine's Chapel with the beautiful statue of our patron saint. The statue is in memory of Fr. Rowland East, a Mirfield father who found his vocation at St. Augustine's. The crucifix and candlesticks are in memory of James Moody, 6th Officer on the Titanic, who perished in the disaster

Priests & Incumbents of the Parish


Patrick Andrew Clay              1905 - 1909

Hugh Alexander Hamilton     1909 - 1911


Frank Bloomer                      1912 - 1938

Joseph Westmoreland           1939 - 1959

Kenneth Percy Richardson     1960 - 1973

David Alec Ensor                   1973 - 1984

David Jonathan Cooper         1985 - 1989

Malcolm Charles King, O.G.S 1990 - 1999

Stephen William Jones           2000 - 2012

Edward J. R. Martin                2014 - 2018 

Vacancy                                2018 - 

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