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St Augustine of Hippo

Welcome to the Parish Church of St. Augustine of Hippo

We are a community of faithful, traditional Anglo-Catholics, young and old, committed to following the teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as first delivered to the Apostles and preserved in the teachings and traditions of the Church.

We gather people from within and beyond the boundaries of the geographical parish, united together in our love of the Lord and in our understanding that all people, regardless of lifestyle, backgrounds or ethnicity are equal before God and are our friends. You can be assured of a very warm welcome.

Great News! Church Services will resume this coming Sunday December 6th (Advent II)

PARISH MASS at 9:30am

Important Announcements

> We have launched a weekly online Newsletter. It is sent to regular parishioners and if you would like to receive an email copy, please send an email to the address at the bottom of the page. A copy is also available on this site - find it here

> Sadly, this year there will NOT be a family Christingle service on Christmas Eve

Midnight Mass is now re-scheduled for 6 pm on Christmas Eve and will be a First-Mass of Christmas and the Celebrant will be the Archdeacon of Stow & Lindsey, the Venerable Mark Steadman

St Augustine's Avenue / Legsby Ave Grimsby UK DN32 0LA

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